Enormous 9350 year old Monolith found under Mediterranean Reaction

Source: Journal of Archaeological Science Source: Supplied

Source: Journal of Archaeological Science Source: Supplied

I always love stories like this.

A 12 meter stone totem was discovered 40 M under the Mediterranean ocean.

The article mentions that it wasn’t even known that humans in the area might have had tools.

Look, 9350 years ago seems like an incredible amount of time. But humans have been around for 2 million years, so really 9350 years is a drop in the bucket.

I like to imagine two well put- together cavemen, looking at a stone outcrop.

“Hey Steve, do you and Margerie have any plans over the next couple weeks”

“No James, the kids are at Margerie’s parents so we’re just enjoying some time off”

“Well Steve, I was thinking it might be fun to turn this stone outcrop into an art project, your wife and I along with me and Stacy?”

“Sure James, I’ll ask Margerie now!”

…. 2 weeks later

“Hey Steve, Margerie, Stacy thanks for all the hard work, that is one nicely cut peice of polished rock!!”

“Yeah I guess… but what was it all for James?!?”

“I was just thinking it would be mad jokes when someone finds this in 10,000 years and they’re all like “WOW an ENORMOUS monolith that is AMAZING… but really it’s just a dumb outcrop that we chiselled and polished and shit for fun…. stupid future humans”


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