Enormous 9350 year old Monolith found under Mediterranean Reaction

Source: Journal of Archaeological Science Source: Supplied

Source: Journal of Archaeological Science Source: Supplied

I always love stories like this.

A 12 meter stone totem was discovered 40 M under the Mediterranean ocean.

The article mentions that it wasn’t even known that humans in the area might have had tools.

Look, 9350 years ago seems like an incredible amount of time. But humans have been around for 2 million years, so really 9350 years is a drop in the bucket.

I like to imagine two well put- together cavemen, looking at a stone outcrop.

“Hey Steve, do you and Margerie have any plans over the next couple weeks”

“No James, the kids are at Margerie’s parents so we’re just enjoying some time off”

“Well Steve, I was thinking it might be fun to turn this stone outcrop into an art project, your wife and I along with me and Stacy?”

“Sure James, I’ll ask Margerie now!”

…. 2 weeks later

“Hey Steve, Margerie, Stacy thanks for all the hard work, that is one nicely cut peice of polished rock!!”

“Yeah I guess… but what was it all for James?!?”

“I was just thinking it would be mad jokes when someone finds this in 10,000 years and they’re all like “WOW an ENORMOUS monolith that is AMAZING… but really it’s just a dumb outcrop that we chiselled and polished and shit for fun…. stupid future humans”


Cecil the Lion Reaction

Cecil the Lion Summary

So, an asshole dentist shot a lion named Cecil.

The lion was the leader of his pride, a local favourite, and a long- standing member of conservation studies.

The asshole dentist signed up for a lion killing tour with some African guides. The guides lured Cecil out of a protected park, and the asshole wounded him with an arrow before eventually shooting him with a gun. He claims he thought everything was legal, but it seems fairly obvious that luring a lion out of a protected park to kill it is an illegal, dick move.

Seeing the reaction to an asshole killing a lion on the other side of the world is ridiculous.

It seems to me like trophy hunting is in the liberal cross-hairs, with this dentist being the poster boy for assholes who shoot innocent animals.

It’s easy for us to sit here in the first world and condemn these actions. I think the fact that this dentist is from America serves to make our anger worse, because he should know better.

The reality is that Zimbabwe is a terrible place to live as a human. It apparently even sucks to be a lion there.

Zimbabwe issues 43 kill licenses on lions every year. This is to raise money for conservation and protection efforts. The money that these licenses raises helps to finance conservation in a country where 80% of the population is unemployed.

How much of the population is unemployed in your country? Locals can feed their families and contribute to the economy through carefully planned and enforced trophy hunting.It is easy to call those who hunt trophies cowards from our arm chairs; it is another matter when those who hunt trophies are willing to pay you $50,000 to shoot one lion.

Dr. Palmer is an ass hole. We all know that. I assume most, if not all, trophy hunters are assholes. Dr. Palmer did everything wrong when it comes to trophy hunting, and he deserves at least some portion of the life-altering consequences he has faced for killing Cecil.

In the future, though, it deserves mentioning that trophy hunting is not illegal. Trophy hunting is not wrong. Following national and international laws, it is possible to kill a lion such that it will have limited negative effects on the environment, and extensive positive impact on the local economy.

Sitting here in my arm chair, I don’t think trophy hunting is good. But when conservation professionals can establish a sustainable trophy hunting market using enforceable quotas, trophy hunting isn’t wrong either.

Hello world!

This is the second blog I’ve made here, and it will probably fail as did the first. I’d like to think I have the commitment to post every day, but I know I probably won’t. Regardless, I understand that someone needs to lead the charge against this politically correct, cookie cutter reality that seems to be becoming the mainstream culture. Someone has to deal in stark realities and hard truths, to process issues objectively, and see the big picture. Someone should spark an objective conversation without the subjectivity and bias all humans are cursed with through our own personal experiences and worldview. Someone to redefine what it means to be a human in the 21st century, and what culture the 21st century represents.

Someone should do these things, but that someone isn’t me.

It would be nice if it was though, wouldn’t it?